The ANC Team

Róbert Lórencz

Head of the group, professor

Róbert Lórencz leads the group. His research interests include residual number systems, fast and precise scientific computations, physical unclonable functions (PUF), true random number generators (TRNG), and cryptalysis of block ciphers


Jiří Buček

Researcher, assistant professor

Jiří Buček is primarily interested in hardware architectures for computation in Residue Number Systems. He also explores the security of RFID and NFC technologies.

Simona Buchovecká

Researcher, assistant professor

Simona Buchovecká is primarily interested in methods of generating and storing keys for symmetric and asymmetric cryptography.

Josef Kokeš

Researcher, assistant professor

Josef Kokeš is primarily interested in cryptalysis of block ciphers.

Filip Kodýtek

Researcher, assistant professor

Filip Kodýtek is primarily interested in physical unclonable functions (PUF) and true random number generators (TRNG).

Martin Jureček

Researcher, assistant professor

Martin Jureček deals with malware detection and cryptanalysis.