Current Research Projects

True Random Number Generators and Physical Unclonable Functions

Róbert Lórencz, Filip Kodýtek, Simona Buchovecká and Jiří Buček

In this project, we design hardware-based random number generators and test their quality and properties. We focus on finding and utilizing sources of entropy on general-purpose microcontrollers which generally lack dedicated facilities for generating true random numbers.

RFID and Smart Cards

Jiří Buček

In a newly established RFID laboratory, we analyze the security of commonly used smart cards. We focus, for instance, on side-channel attacks on RFID cards that enable cloning, security issues that enable unauthorized retrieval of personal information from RFID cards and methods of preventing such attacks, security issues with biometric passports, and so on.

Software Security

Martin Jureček

Human mistakes and insufficient attention to security issues when writing code lead to vulnerabilities in software that can be exploited. With our expertise in this area, we were able to use reverse-engineering techniques to analyze the structure of a professional sound mixing software without knowledge of its source code and, by injecting code into the original application, add support for use of this software by visually impaired people.

Dedicated Hardware for Modular Arithmetic

Róbert Lórencz and Jiří Buček

Within this research area, we focus on the design and implementation of dedicated hardware architectures for computing elementary modular arithmetic operations, with special emphasis on the multiplicative modular inverse. Our results have applications in elliptic curve cryptography as well as in other systems that utilize modular arithmetic.